[AMRadio] Ranger... good news, bad news

Larry Szendrei ne1s at neandertech.com
Sun Nov 5 20:48:16 EST 2006

Jack Schmidling wrote:
>  Most often mis-modification:
> Reducing output power when driving a linear amplifier through the use of 
> a T connection and a dummy load and/or reducing loading or screen 
> Voltage. This situation wastes one of this rig's better resources namely 
> modulator headroom. When altering the R.F. final's impedance through 
> reduced plate current, the modulation transformer no longer sees the 
> designed load.
> The correct way to reduce output power is to use an external plate 
> supply with a Variac on the primary or switch the low B+ Voltage to the 
> final (removing the high B+) through the accessory jack. Either way the 
> high B+ is left on the modulators. This gives an immediate improvement 
> to the audio as the modulator requirements are now cut way down without 
> forcing the modulator into an unknown load. With the accessory low power 
> mod, the rig will put out abour 12-14 Watts carrier which is a good 
> level for driving quitea few linear amplifiers. Every available effort 
> to clean up audio distortion should be considered when runnung QRO AM!
> ................
> Whom do I believe?
> js
Believe the above; they speak the truth.

While I have no doubt others have used the PA screen voltage and have 
been satisfied with the results, it is not the best way to go, for the 
reasons outlined above.

Using the low voltage B+ requires no modification except to the 
accessory plug jumpers; use an external 100mA (optimally) or 200mA 
full-scale meter for plate current, and you're done. At 300V B+, you'll 
want to load the plate current to about 60mA.

Modify the accessory plug as follows (or make a new one if you can find 
a spare):  remove the jumper between pins 2&6. External Ip meter (+) 
terminal goes to pin 4; meter (-) terminal to pin 2. The jumper between 
pins 3 & 5 stays as-is.

Almost took as long to describe it as it takes to do it...


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