[AMRadio] BC610 110v using one leg of 220

Jim candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sun Nov 5 23:16:55 EST 2006

Tony WA4JQS said:

"use either the black or red wire and the
green wire"

Reply by Jim WD5JKO:

Tony, this will work, but you are returning the 120 volt circuit through
your safety ground (green or bare wire), and as others have warned, just
don't do that because it is dangerous and illegal.

If the load is strictly 220v and you have the 3 wire circuit, this is OK to
use (I think this is grand fathered??) so long as the green or bare wire is
ONLY a safety ground:

"use the black and red wire for 220v  and the
green or bare wire for safety ground"

If you have a 4 wire 220 volt circuit this will be OK as follows:

"use either the black or red wire for the AC HOT, and the white for neutral.
Then use green for the safety ground." ONLY DO THIS IF THE WHITE WIRE IS THE

Pulling this load off one side of 220 will imbalance the 220 which is not
too big of a deal so long as other loads in the house load the other side as
well. What I am saying is that it might be better to use the Black instead
of Red or visa-versa to get a better balanced load distribution in your

*With this option you could also power 220v as well as 120 v loads, and do
so safely so long as the 120v load if lower current has a suitable fuse
going to it. A 220v 30 amp circuit won't blow the big breaker if the 120v
one sided circuit is in trouble, and pulling a mere 1 ampere.

I still like the 230/115 step down auto-transformer idea since you pull
equally off both sides of 220 (perfect balance), and do so at 1/2 the AC
amperes. Lower current means less voltage drop.
Hammond makes a similar unit as the Stancor, and Signal Transformer also has
a 2000 va 230/115 autotransformer.

Some discussion about 3 versus 4 wire 220 volts pertaining to appliance



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