[AMRadio] Why it is good to have a basement awash in parts

Mark Foltarz Foltarz at rocketmail.com
Mon Nov 6 11:55:17 EST 2006

As I get ready to move to Florida, I look over the last 25 years of collecting
radio stuff.

The vast majority was acquired within the last 10 years or so.

And of course I look at boxes of parts thinking when the heck will I use any 
of this stuff.

Nevertheless, I pack up the tube sockets, oil filled capacitors and resistors
to make ready for a trip south.

So the other night the temerature in Cleveland fell to about 28 or so. And the
vented natural gas heater was working fine for several days. But that evening
it decided to act up.

The furnace is natural gas fired and vents through the wall. I installed it
about 14 years ago and it has been running great up until this season when it
beagn to lose the pilot flame for no apparent reason.

This loss of pilot is annoying but could be handled by restarting the pilot
with the piezo starter.

This time that little red button had come apart in my hand. A button, a spring
and some other pieces layed on the ground. And the bedroom was getting cold

I had not packed up some of the junk boxes yet - and I do mean junk boxes.
In one of the boxes I found a model T spark coil.

I grabbed a few alligator clips , the tin lizzy coil and an Eico battery

In about 30 seconds I cobbled up an electric starter that worked much better
than the original. 

So you never know what you might need. Even an old model T coil.


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