[AMRadio] Ranger... good news, bad news

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Nov 6 15:34:02 EST 2006

Only problem is they are 9 pin plugs and not commonly found.  I have 
lots of 8 pin, but no extra 9 pin.  Anyone have an abundance, Jack and I 
both need them.


Donald Sanders wrote:

>You can make a plug from an old octal tube base by removing or cutting off
>the pins and soldering a wire into the pin. Then plug the wire/pin into the
>back panel socket. You can make a dam from an old cap plug or wax paper and
>fill the plug with casting plastic, epoxy or RTV.
>Plugs are available on the e place occasionally or on one of the several BA
>or equip lists.
>Healthfully yours,
>                          Don W4BWS

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