[AMRadio] 9-pin Johnson plugs

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Mon Nov 6 16:24:25 EST 2006

On Mon, 6 Nov 2006, Rick Brashear wrote:

> Only problem is they are 9 pin plugs and not commonly found.  I have lots of 
> 8 pin, but no extra 9 pin.  Anyone have an abundance, Jack and I both need 
> them.
> Thanks,
> Rick/K5IZ
> Donald Sanders wrote:
>> You can make a plug from an old octal tube base by removing or cutting off
>> the pins and soldering a wire into the pin. Then plug the wire/pin into the

   ".... removing or cutting off the pins..."  ie. take an existing tube 
base apart and use the raw pins, solder wires to them - then afterward 
make up a 'base' out of some suitable casting material. Use the Ranger 
socket as a guide, get a piece of wood with the correct hole pattern 
drilled into it to hold the pre-wired pins in place while you pour the 
'base' - maybe use some wax paper or other non-conductive flexible 
material to hold the casting compound while it sets up.

   HOWEVER: I'd hesitate to use RTV as some of it is quite conductive based 
on proper curing times, and pigmentations.  If RTV is used, I'd be 
inclined to getting the clear variety and letting it cure for a day or two 
to be sure all the acetic acid is expelled. FYI:YMMV


John  KB6SCO

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