[AMRadio] Ranger and Scope

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Mon Nov 6 16:57:24 EST 2006

For my Ranger,I use a pick up coil near the tank and connect it to the 
vert. input of the scope.
 Tap off some audio from the mod ckt and feed this into the horiz. 
input.... I THINK you can do this with the SB200/Ranger combo by 
carefull adjustments, I have NOT tried this method on a lin yer......  

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Subject: [AMRadio] Ranger and Scope
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> Can someone tell me how to hook up a scope so that I can see the 
> trap 
> pattern coming out of my SB200 driven by the Ranger?
> Right now I just have a few turns of a loop stuck under my tuner 
> that 
> provides a nice  envelope view but I would like to see the trap 
> pattern 
> also.
> Thanks,
> js
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