[AMRadio] Re: Ranger... good news, bad news

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Wed Nov 8 11:52:46 EST 2006

Jack Schmidling writes: 

> I tried the accessory plug mod as suggested, removing 2/6 and putting a 
> meter across 2/4 and it works but the power is less than useful.  It less 
> than 5 watts and would only modulate about 25%. 
> Did I do something wrong? 

It sounds like you did it right - there's not much to screw up. Maybe the 
Ranger has a problem. I get about 12W out from that connection. My Ranger 
power supply is not stock, but the voltages are pretty close. However, 15W 
is what I hear reported from others who have done this. 

It helps to reduce the grid drive a bit in the low power mode - adjust the 
drive pot for maximum RF out of the Ranger - but it won't make the 
difference between 5W and 12W out. 

And you should have absolutely no problem modulating to 100% positive and 
beyond if your audio is phased correctly and the modulator is working 
correctly; especially using the low power mod where you should have plenty 
of audio power to spare. 

How much RF carrier do you get out of the Ranger when operating normally, 
and are you able to modulate 100% then? 


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