[AMRadio] 813/811 Rig

Larry Taft ltaft at charter.net
Sat Nov 11 01:14:19 EST 2006

Gates BC250GY that will run better than 500 W out with full modulation.

810s in parallel driven by 813 with 807 osc stage.  Mod is PP810s driven 
by PP6L6s.
RF section is edgewound fixed coils with large variable air caps.  
Modulator is a long one piece chassis vertical mount.  Big iron goes in 
the bottom.
Take the compete rig with its phonebooth sized cabinet or just all the 
parts as a "Heathkit sans chassis"  Can easily be put in a 48 inch rack. 
With some thought it can be made a lot smaller or a two cabinet combo. 
220 vac primary only.  Apx 600 lb  $750/offers

If you're really brave I have a Gates BC1G with 833s all around.  This 
WILL stress the RG-8.
Rotary inductors and fixed caps in RF output stage.  Same size 
phonebooth cabinet or all parts.
Again, 220 primary only. Apx 700 lbs. $ 950/offers.

All are located in south Texas in (scenic, snow free) Rockport, 40 mi 
north of Corpus Christi.
Larry  K2LT.  800-687-9161

Jack Schmidling wrote:
> I am looking for an 813/811 rig or parts to build one.
> Open to ideas.
> js

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