[AMRadio] 813/811 Rig

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Sat Nov 11 09:57:13 EST 2006

One could take the art13, load a few 572s in place of the 811(s) an 
jack up the B+... the original art13  mod tubes and  pa are loafing at 
1200V....  2kv will give you a lot more punch... add a fan...  
something to consider (this is my intention for one of my art-
13)..     link to some art/13 mod transformer ratings  
http://www.amwindow.org/tech/htm/modtran/misc/art13.htm         ...   
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Date: Saturday, November 11, 2006 8:37 am
Subject: Re: [AMRadio] 813/811 Rig
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> Rick Brashear wrote:
> > How about an nice ART-13?
> From what I see, it would not be an improvement over what I have 
> with 
> the Range and SB200.
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