[AMRadio] Ranger Xtal Oscillator

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun Nov 12 09:45:25 EST 2006

At one time I replaced a bad vfo on a "late" model with one from and 
"early" model and ran into some issues.  One was the connection between 
the keyer and the vfo did not exist since the "early" model had no 
keyer.  The 100 ohm resistor (R1) from pin #1 of the 6AU6 (V1) was 
connected to ground.  I removed it from ground and installed a wire from 
the resistor (R1 - 100 ohms) to pin #1 of the 12AU7 (V15) and all was 
right with the world.   Maybe you have a similar situation.  I'm sure 
you've said previously, but does the keyer work properly?


> I don't have the drawings in here so I may have the pins wrong but it 
> is the one that is supposed to be grounded in the earlier version 
> without....

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