[AMRadio] Class C final tube swaping

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Mon Nov 13 18:13:33 EST 2006


   You made several good points with your push pull amps. One big difference here is that the 2E26 is indirectly heated, and possesses an indirect cathode with limited emission capability. Those directly heated thoriated tungsten filament tubes you mentioned are all high pervience whereas the 6146, and 2e26 are not. So replacing a 6146 running 90 watts DC input Class C with a 2E26 will not give you the same power input or output since the 2E26 won't be able to swing the plate to a low potential at high current like the big brother  6146 did. I would worry about the 2E26 turning red, and going into sweep tube heaven since the efficiency will be poor unless the plate load impedance is lightened up.

   For those who have tried this, how well did the 2E26 modulate? Ever look at the pattern in trapezoid mode? ;-)


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