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Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Tue Nov 14 23:03:03 EST 2006

So I get my new D104 yesterday and spend a few hours removing the 
un-needed junk from it and fire up for the NoonTime Forum expecting all 
sorts of kudos and no one can hear me.  One guy that could said it 
sounded tinny and crummy.

So I switch to the Kenwood and they all say wonderful.

I went of over the whole mic again, plugs, wires, grounds and fixed a 
few things and converted it into a boom mic.  I make another contact and 
he says tinny but could be his receiver... nice guy.  He suggests a few 
caps to check   so back to the bench with it.

After looking around, I find that the mic wire goes directly to the 
grid, no resistor divider and no input cap.  I now see what that strange 
mess at the end of the shielded wire is... what is left of a 1m resistor.

I replace all this stuff and it still sounds crummy. Then I find that 
R22 is missing in the cathode circuit of the output side of the first 
audio.  I replace this and it still sounds crummy.

To establish "crummy" I set the mic near a nice sounding radio and set 
up a shortwave receiver in an adjacent room to listen to while loading 
up a light bulb.

In all cases, the Kenwood with the handheld dynamic mic sounds better.

The only thing (I have said this many times) that I see left as a 
possible problem is C59a/b.  These were resistors when I started working 
on it.  I replaced these with 47uf and 67uf caps as that was all I had 
left at the required WV.  They are supposed to be 15mf.

I am not sure just what these do so the question is... could these cause 
a lack of lows in the audio?

If not, any other ideas?


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