[AMRadio] FS: BA Test Gear, Rider Chanalysts, Old Phone Stuff,

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 19:43:57 EST 2006

For Sale. All prices plus shipping.

Two vintage Western Electric mine telphones. One is a
17-C and one is a 17-D. The smaller 17-C has a leather
handle on top and earphone clipped into the side. It
seems to be complete and all original. The larger
D-model is missing the hand crank, handle, ear piece
and some of the cabinet hardware. So the 17-D is
basically a parts unit. I have no idea how to date
these. My guess would be 1930s or ‘40s. Pictures
available. $27/both

Vintage Chicago Telephone crank telephone box. This is
the wooden box that has the crank on the side and the
generator inside. It doesn’t have either a mouthpiece
or earpiece as part of it--I guess those were
separate. This has the crank. The wood is solid but
probably needs refinished. The bells have surface
corrosion and rust--they need replaced or re-plated.
Looks good inside. Pictures available. $20

Matched pair of premium grade 6146W tubes made by
PhillipsECG. These came from RF Parts and were matched
by them. They have JAN military markings. Also
included is a JAN 12BY7A driver tube, NOS, made by GE.
So this is a set of premium replacement tubes that
would be an upgrade for lots of old tube rigs from the
Heathkit HW-100 through the Kenwood TS-520. Guaranteed
brand new tubes. Purchased at Dayton several years ago
and never used. $29/set

WWII-era military receiver speaker model LS-3. I think
this was typically used with the BC-342 and similar
radios. The paint is scruffy all over, but original.
There’s no rust or corrosion. The cord that is on it
is not original. The speaker works. Pictures
available. $30

Vintage board game--The Telephone Game!--apparently
published by AT&T. Typical monopoly-type game (how
appropriate) with Alexander Graham Bell pictured on
the front. This has been opened but is otherwise in
brand new condition with the original mailing carton.
Probably dating from the 1970's. Picture available.

Heathkit AT-1 transmitter cabinet--just the cabinet.
The paint is not bad and there are no unoriginal
holes. Useful to replace a bad cabinet on and
otherwise good TX. Picture available. $15

Rider Chanalyst made by RCA. If you've gotten this
far, I'll assume you know what this is. This needs a
good cleaning all over, but is basically in nice shape
and all original I think. The top of the cabinet has a
couple surface rust spots and some paint scuffs that
may need attention for the unit to look its best. But
they are not too objectionable. Untested and as-is.

1903 Electricity book: “Easy Experiments in
Electricity and How To Make Them”, by L. Dickinson,
Fredrick L. Drake and Co., 1903. This hardback is 204
pages, excluding the index and catalog at the end.
It's in very nice condition with only a small amount
of wear at the cover edges. $22

HUGE military plug-in coil made by B&W. This thing
looks like a BC-610 coil on steroids--it's 2 or 3
times the size of a BC-610 coil. I have no idea what
it was designed to go with--something pre-war, I would
think. The markings on the coil are hard to read but
here is what I see: 1665-1 SC 3C1087-5 2000-3600KC
plus a B&W decal. This is missing one of the banana
plugs and has a cracked support at the one end. As-is.

Decker 40M transmitter coil with original box. This is
a rare, pre-war, west-coast ham item. Looks like an
early Bud-type 5-pin plug-in coil. From the 1930’s for
sure. Coil and box are in nice shape. $5

Vintage morse code combination sounder/relay. Made by
Western Electric I think. This is mounted on wood,
which is attached to a cast-iron base. One thumb nut
is missing and has been replaced with a square nut.
The spring and arm that is holding it do not look
original to me. But I really know nothing about this.
Please ask for pictures. Untested and as-is. $20

Two codemaster code practice keys--the kind that the
boy scouts used to use with plastic bodies with the
code engraved next to the strap-metal key. Your choice
of light or buzzer--but the light bulbs are missing in
both units. Batteries also not included. These are in
nice shape and have the original printed cardboard
bottoms on them. I think they are all original.

Cornell-Dubilier CDB-3 decade capacitor. This is part
of that set of test gear they made in the 3x5x5 wooden
boxes. Needs cleaned. $9 

Cornell-Dubilier BN capacitance bridge with tuning
eye. A match for the decade cap above, this is part of
that set of test gear they made in the 3x5x5 wooden
boxes. Needs cleaned. Includes original manual which
is falling apart. $19

HP 606A HF signal generator covering 50kc-65mc with a
great waveform, high dial accuracy and metered output
voltage level. This is the classic BA signal generator
that Fair Radio Sales has had in their catalogs for 20
years or more. This one did not come from Fair and it
has been well taken care of. Very good cosmetic and
operating condition. With manual photocopy. Tube
lineup is 5 6AW8, 4 12AT7, 2 6CL6, 7 12B4 and 1 5651.
Big BA signal generator needs a big workbench or big
shelf. $55

General Electric Adjustable Capacitor catalog no.
28F311. This is a 9x6x5 inch black wrinkle-painted
steel box with 2 binding posts and 6 toggle switches
on top. The toggles select 1/2MFD, 1MFD, 2MFD, 4MFD,
8MFD and 16MFD. The tag says it’s good for up to
500VDC or 250VAC. It’s heavy so I’m assuming that
whatever is inside is oil-filled. Untested and as-is.

Precision E-200C Signal Generator. Classic HF signal
generator from the late 40’s. Looks very good but
leather handle that was on top has broken off and is
gone. With test leads and original book Servicing By
Signal Substitution which includes a complete manual
for this unit including the schematic. Untested and
as-is. $15

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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