[AMRadio] Ranger Modulation

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Thu Nov 16 11:44:49 EST 2006

I would stay with the 55-70 volt modulator current leaning toward the 
high side.  I try to set mine at 65 volts.  I would also put the output 
leads from the modulation transformer back as they were.  If you haven't 
replaced C69, I would.  It's unlikely, but I would check C66 - C68 to be 
sure you don't have a leak there.

> First I swapped the tubes to no avail.  I then swapped the wires and 
> now have a strange buzzing that I can not locate but it shows up on 
> the audio with the gain at zero.  Don't know if I barfed something up 
> or not ...

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