[AMRadio] Ranger Audio

John E. Coleman (ARS WA5BXO) wa5bxo2006 at pctechref.com
Thu Nov 16 15:06:43 EST 2006

A 150 watt bulb is going to be pretty dim with just 40 watts RF but does it
brighten up with modulation at all?

John, WA5BXO

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John E. Coleman (ARS WA5BXO) wrote:
> Hi Jack 
> 	This may be another dumb question but when you have a 60 watt bulb
> for a dummy load and you tune the ranger into, of course it won't light to
> full brilliance of 60 watts with only 40 watts going into it but it should
> brighten up a lot, even to full 60 watt brilliance, when you say
> in the mic.

I think you forgot the question but I have a 150W bulb that I switch in 
and out.  The brightness is just a relative thing as I am just tyring to 
avoid annoying people with all my testing.


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