[AMRadio] for sale dx 100 and Apache or trade

Bill Marx bmarx at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 17 17:36:48 EST 2006

Great Weather we are having...

Want an ST-8000A?

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Subject: [AMRadio] for sale dx 100 and Apache or trade

>A ham in Tenn asked me to list these for him. He would like to sell them or 
>find someone who can restore the dx 100 for him. the Apache is very nice 
>looks like an 8.5 with a copy of the book.  The DX 100 is missing some 
>knobs and needs reworked someone made a lot of mods to it and he wants it 
>back as it should be. you can email him a
> ralowe at highland.net
> contact roger at the above address
> 73 Tony
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