[AMRadio] Ranger Audio... the numbers

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Sat Nov 18 10:14:34 EST 2006

Mike Dorworth, K4XM wrote:

> Ranger modulation Transformer
> 33 watts voice
> Primary 7083.8 ohms plate to plate. Red is ct.
> Secondary 3571 ohms. Black is ct. 892 ohms each side to tridode grids.

You lost me here.  The manual says 100 ohms and 28 ohms respectively

> 1.9837 Z stepdown ( nominal 2:1)
> 1.4085 step down turns ratio.. 

I guess we are talking z vs resistance.

So, how does one measure the Z of a transformer?

If I put a 1khz sig in one end should the amplitude drop by the z 
stepdown ratio?


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