Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 18 18:51:49 EST 2006

I'm hearing more and more Extra class AM'ers expressing their intent to 
appear on 3600-3700 the minute the expanded phone band opens on the 15th of 

Frequencies I hear discussed are 3685, and down on the low end near 3610.  
No need for everyone to congregate on one frequency.  Why not make it a 
point to start up right away on several frequencies spread uniformly 
throughout the band, and each station periodically shift around from one QSO 
to another,  so that all the QSO frequencies remain in use into the wee 
hours, but allowing everyone to participate in the QSO on each of the 

Let's make it more like the etiquette of a successful house party.  Instead 
of everyone standing around the entire evening confined to one small group, 
be sociable and continue circulating from one group to another for the 

WATSA y'all?  You got less than a month to upgrade to Extra if necessary, 
and to get the rig and antenna tuned up and working on the low end of the 

Don k4kyv


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