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Sun Nov 19 06:39:23 EST 2006

Looks like the extra class gets more phone coverage.  Hopefully the extra class AMers will stake out a place on 80 meters


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> I'm hearing more and more Extra class AM'ers expressing their intent to 
> appear on 3600-3700 the minute the expanded phone band opens on the 15th of 
> December. 
> Frequencies I hear discussed are 3685, and down on the low end near 3610. 
> No need for everyone to congregate on one frequency. Why not make it a 
> point to start up right away on several frequencies spread uniformly 
> throughout the band, and each station periodically shift around from one QSO 
> to another, so that all the QSO frequencies remain in use into the wee 
> hours, but allowing everyone to participate in the QSO on each of the 
> frequencies. 
> Let's make it more like the etiquette of a successful house party. Instead 
> of everyone standing around the entire evening confined to one small group, 
> be sociable and continue circulating from one group to another for the 
> duration. 
> WATSA y'all? You got less than a month to upgrade to Extra if necessary, 
> and to get the rig and antenna tuned up and working on the low end of the 
> band! 
> Don k4kyv 
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