[AMRadio] D104 element Rebuilding

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Sun Nov 19 16:02:16 EST 2006

Jim Candela wrote:
> Many years ago my Astatic 'Rochelle salt" crystal element died from
> prolonged exposure in my garage. The output from it was low, and
> distorted. With a burst of curiosity, and desperation I took the bad
> element apart.

Feeling I had nothing to lose, I did just that yesterday but used sili 
glue to hold it all together.  It was an interesting learning 
experience.  Unfortunately, it didn't help my problem but mine was 
working; just not to my satisfaction.

It still works about the same so I ordered two new cartridges from 
Mouser to see if it's me or the cartridge.

I had been wondering how age/time/humidity could have the slightest 
effect on a quartz crystal millions of years old.

Turns out they are not quartz at all but Rochelle salt which, like all 
salts, are very hygroscopic and turn to mush in time.


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