[AMRadio] FS: Huge Oil Caps, Drake B-Line, StarLite Receiver,

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 19 17:58:39 EST 2006

For Sale. All prices plus shipping. Pictures

Huge Oil Caps: I have 3 huge oil-filled capacitors
that are genuine antiques. One made by Westinghouse, 
is dated 1927. These are about 15 inches square and 6
inches thick, excluding the large ceramic posts on
top. They weigh 25-35 pounds each. Typical capacitance
for each one is 4-6MFD at 4-6000 volts. They are not
leaking. One may have some suface ruist on it in
spots, the other 2 are clean. I'd like $30 each for
these--about a buck a pound--if anyone wants them.

Drake B-line: Drake R-4B, T-4XB with AC-4 supply and
MS-4 speaker. I have tested these with mixed results.
The receiver hisses, the filters work, the notch
works, RF Gain and AF Gain work as they should. But
the preselector only works on 40 meters and no signals
are heard on any band. So it needs some attention. The
transmitter tunes up and transmits SSB on 40 meters. I
did not check for full output and I did not test any
other band. Anyone buying this rig should expect to
have to go through it and bring it up to spec. The
front panels all look good, with some light stains
that should easily clean off. The cabinets are all
pretty scratched up but once they are on your radio
desk shelf, no one will notice. The TX cabinet has
some cut-out modification on the side with a
connector, probably for attaching an external VFO. The
RX has all of its crystals and two extras. The TX does
not have any crystals in it (but you can just set it
to transceive on the RX frequency which is the most
common operation mode anyway. $275

Star Lite Short Wave or ham radio receiver, probably
dating from the late 1960's. This looks like a
Japanese atempt to clone a Hallicrafters receiver
right down to the "S" logo (instead of "h") in the
circle on the front panel that reminds me very much of
the later Hallicrafters "H" logo. Anyway, this is a
5-tube set with BFO. It has mechanical bandspread
which is slipping and will need tightened up. The
tuning is working fine. It looks pretty good except
for a white paint scuff on top and dirt all over--you
can see coffee or something spilled on the front panel
that needs cleaned off. It does seem to be complete
and all original including the whip antenna clipped to
the rear which is cleverly designed to mount on the
one atenna wire screw and be held vertical by another
clip. Untested and offered here as-is. $25

NRI Model 71 tube tester. This is an emission type
tester with simple lever controls. It looks good
inside and out, though the case covering is coming
loose in spots and will need re-glued. Also, the roll
chart is very stiff and needs loosened up and
lubricated. As-is. $22

SCR-299/399 BC-610 crystals and storage drawer. There
are 55 crystals here for the BC-610 transmitter and a
rusty but restorable crystal drawer to hold them. The
drawer could be from SCR-299 or -399. It was
definitely made specifically to hold these FT-171
xtals. All the xtals say "In BC-610" on them. Some of
the crystals are in the ham bands, as follows (in KC):
3995, 3955, 3850, 3825, 3807.5, 3700, 3580, 3570,
3556, 3520, 3510 and 1837.5. Most of the rest are in
the range 2045 - 2557KC, though there are a few odd
ones outside this range, but not in the ham bands.
There are some duplicates, but not very many. The
drawer may be rarer that the xtals--I really don't
know. The rust on the drawer can be easily fixed with
some simple restoration work. It's painted gloss black
so no great color matching skills will be required to
get it right. As-is. $50--less than a buck a crystal.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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