[AMRadio] Heard amidst the corntesters on 75....

KA5MIR ars.ka5mir at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 13:55:27 EST 2006

A fella could get a complex if he consistently gets "checked out" of a 
roundtable.  <g>

  I'm just kidding.  I think everyone I know gets prematurely checked out of 
a roundtable occasionally.  I think it's kind of amusing.  Sometimes the 
checkee' gets a little put off, though.  Usually, when it's happened to me, 
I look at it as a convenience.  I get to participate in the meaty part of 
the qso and I don't have to think up a little "farewell comment" to say to 
everyone when I leave.  I always forget to say something to someone in the 
  Lately, I'm more inclined to the "group farewell" as in "73 y'all".  Hey, 
I'm in the south.  :)

73' y'all,

On Monday 20 November 2006 11:53, Jim Wilhite wrote:
>  I was going to hop back on just to say hello, but the
> > group kept growing, the turnovers sped up, and everyone
> > had me nailed
> > as having checked out. > de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ
> This is a very good reason to claim more than one frequency
> in different parts of the band.  When the group becomes very
> large it would be nice to be able to transmit more than one
> time in 1/2 hour.
> 73  Jim
> W5JO

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