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Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 20 21:19:49 EST 2006

For Sale. Radio Test Gear, Literature and Parts. All
Prices Plus Shipping.


B&K Precision Solid State E-310B Sine/Square Wave
Generator. 20 cycles to 2 MC in 5 bands. Adjustable
but not metered output level. Switchable decade
attenuator for 1-56db output attenuation. This is
working as designed, though the pots may need
cleaning. Dial calibration band-to-band is not the
best but it’s okay for a unit of this class. 12 inches
wide, 7 inches high and 7 inches deep including knobs.
Stylish black panel and cabinet design. Looks match
the signal generator below. $39

B&K Precision Solid State E-200D RF Signal Generator.
100kc to 54mc in 5 bands. Internal 400 cycle
modulation or external mod. Common IF frequencies are
marked on dial like 455kc. Has 2 additional bands
covering FM 88-108MC and the VHF TV channels, which
are marked on the dial. Metered output, meter
switchable to show percent modulation. Switchable
decade attenuator for 6-96db output attenuation, plus
a fine control for levels in between steps. This
signal generator is working as designed,  and the
calibration within each band is not too bad. It has an
adjustable dial pointer that is convenient. Completely
stable--set it and forget it. This has identical size
and styling to the sine/square wave generator above.
12 inches wide, 7 inches high and 7 inches deep
including knobs. Stylish black panel and cabinet
design. $49

Western Electric KS 19353 L4 Oscillator. This looks
like a custom-built audio oscillator for testing
phones and phone circuits. It covers 50-500kc in 4
bands with selectable modulating tones of  600 and 900
Hz. Output level is calibrated in dbm form -20 to +10.
It has binding post outputs plus telco jacks marked
241, 309 and 310. It originally had a lid but the lid
on this one is missing, as is the cover for the
battery space in the back. With AC power cord. I did
not test this thoroughly, but the basic audio
oscillator functionality seems to be working. This is
a reasonably compact unit with handles on the front
and top. $19

HP 6438B rack mount variable power supply. 0-60V at
0-5A both regulated. All solid state. 3.5 inch high
rack mount. Output connections front and rear. Top
quality supply working perfectly--it’s currently in a
power supply rack in my shack. $39 Weighs 40 pounds. 

Simpson 260 Series 6 VOM. Clean unit, showing some
wear of the knob lettering. Working well. Batteries
are starting to corrode and need changed. This is one
of the most modern models of this gold standard for
VOMs.  $20 plus $8.50 flat rate box mailing with

BK Precision Model 1471B dual-trace 10Mhz
oscilloscope. 5 inch round CRT with square bezel.
Modern solid-state ‘scope in good working order. Has
square wave calibrator, external trigger and the usual
features. With one original BK probe kit and one
Elenco 10Mhz probe kit. Also includes the original
manual. Dirty--will need some cleaning. $29

RCA Model 150 Test Oscillators--a pair of them. This
is a classic 1940-50’s RCA sweep generator with big
red RCA meatball medallion on the panel. Designed
specifically for radio receiver testing, this sweep
generator covers 90KC through 32MC in six bands. The
sweep width is constantly variable from 1KC through
40KC wide. The modulation switch says “CW—AM—FM” but
there is an input for external modulation and I don’t
know if it has internal modulation or not. One of
these is the (earlier?) model with black knobs and
binding post connectors. The other model (later?) has
gray knobs and BNC connectors—but is otherwise
identical. One binding post on the earlier one is
bent. These are slightly dirty but will clean up to be
very nice units. Both are all original. The leather
handles are intact but crumbling. Good cabinet paint
and good front panels. Untested and very likely not to
work without restoration. As-is. $20

Southwest Technical Products Corporation unbuilt
function generator kit. Has case, panel, switches and
pots, but no instructions and not many other parts.
As-is. $9
Triplett Model 676 0-1000 microamperes DC meter in
black bakelite case. Five ranges: 50, 100, 250, 500 &
1000. Uses pin jacks for connections. Working
perfectly. $10


Radio & Television News Magazine: These are some of
the cleanest issues of this magazine that I have seen
in some time. They have good covers except one noted
below. The spines are all good, though they may have
some signs of spine aging and deterioration, it is
usually very minor. These 1951-1953 issues all have
Frye’s Mac’s Service Shop series. Almost every issue
has plans for one or two ham rigs and/or receiver
accessories. The audiophile is well-represented with
articles on Williamson amplifiers, preamp projects and
equalizers by authors with recognizable names like
Hafler. These are $2 each except as noted.

1951: Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
1952: Complete year. Jan and Feb have loose
covers--those are 50 cents each. 
1953: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul

MFJ 1704 4-Position Coax Switch instruction sheet.

AWA OTB: Feb, 1960, April, 1960, December, 1974:

Supreme Model 444 Five-Unit Radio Tester manual and
tube charts. Includes several service bulletins and
letters from Supreme on letterhead, PLUS
blueprint-size schematic. $10

Supreme Model 90 Power Pentode Testing Data sheets
with instructions and packing list dated 1930. $5

Ken-Rad Metal Tubes data sheets and exploded diagram.
Some have ratty edges. About 10 8.5x11 sheets. $5

Apparatus Design Confidence Model 36 Tube and Vibrator
tester manual with tube and vibrator charts. Must be
1935 or so. $7

Franklin Radio Corporation FRC Radio Service
Instruments Brochure with model H-32 tube tester
instruction sheet. Must be 1932-33 or so. $5

Readrite Meter Works No. 850 Capacity Tester
instruction sheets with resistance and inductance
charts. $5

H. A. Middleton, Receiving Tube Substitution
Guidebook, Rider paperback, 1950. Covers showing lots
of age and starting to separate from spine. Some
dog-earing of pages. 211 8.5x11 pages. $5

Wharfdale Wireless Works Cabinet Construction Sheet
(September, 1957). This is several pages long and has
plans for multiple speaker designs in corner cabinets
and regular cabinets. In original UK mailing envelope.

Rider’s Specialized Home Radio Manual 8, June 1951 -
December, 1953, Rider, 
1954. Covering RCA radios only. Missing front cover.

Marcus and Horton, Elements of Radio, Prentice-Hall
hardback, 1943. This has water damage and is pretty
rough. But it is still readable and not falling apart.
Free with any purchase.

Lester Bogen and Louis Biancolli, Understanding High
Fidelity, A Guide To Hi-Fi Home Music Systems, David
Bogen Co. paperback, 1953, 45 pages. This has pictures
of the Bogen amps and tuners and suggests complete
systems using other-brand record changers and
reel-to-reel tape decks. There’s also plans for
speaker building. $5

Hawkins Electrical Guide Number 9, Electric Railways,
copyright 1917 and printed 1923-24, hardback about 300
pages. Needs cleaned but should clean up to excellent
condition. $8

Bernard Grob, Basic Television, Prentice-Hall
hardback, 1964, 625 pages. Wear at cover edges but
good shape overall. The author is from RCA and the
book was originally published in 1949. So all the
examples are early RCA TV. $6


B&W Plug-In Coils
80TVL in 20TVL original box. Acetate has come apart
but this is quite useable. $8
10JVL in original box. $5 each. 2 available.
10JCL in original box. $5
40JVL in good shape, no box. $6
40MEL in partial box. Acetate needs work but still
useable. $5

National 20C plug-in coils. These are the ones with
the 5-pin elongated ceramic base, 3 staggered in the
middle and one on each end.  One of these has had the
center link removed. $5/all

Bud ceramic coil selector switch with switch plate
labeled for 10-160 meters and 3 coils. The coils are
pretty beat up and will require some straightening. It
also needs acetate work. And the switch is rusty. But
this should all be fixable if someone wants to work on
it. Coils are not plug-in--they are soldered to the
switch. $5

Cigar box full of 8 vibrators. $5

Simpson 0-15VDC meter mounted in nice slant-front,
meter-size cabinet with red and black alligator clip
leads coming out of the front. Good for battery
testing. $5

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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