[AMRadio] SS nice guy report

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 21 09:53:51 EST 2006

I will be glad when someone files a Petition to keep
contestors out of the Dec. 15th phone band segments,
what a great idea.

Meantime, I have to take note of a SweepStakes
participant who stopped what he was doing to have a
nice chat, AM-to-AM, with me.

I was around 3875Kc Sunday and with my AM-only
receiver. I didn't hear any other activity so I
started calling CQ.

K3DI, Dick, calls me back, turns out he's only about
10 miles from here, and immediately complimented both
my strong signal and good audio.

He then told me he was "contesting" about 5Kc up, and
that he heard me on so he thought he would take time
to call me back. Had not been on AM in forever,
usually only contests, and is not a member of our
local ham radio club where I possibly met him when I
presented remarks this summer about the rescue of the
WFOY transmitter in St. Augustine.

Bottom line is that he took great care to find me and
respond, carefully adjusted his 1000 Mk V to sound
good, and we had a good QSO for the five minutes or so
that he could stand to tear himself away from the

He closed by saying he will take care in the future to
stay further away from where he knows the AMers hang
out and said that he very much enjoying having talked
with me.

Absolutely nothing was said about owning frequencies
or the historic conflict we all know about.  

Classy fellow.

They ARE out there.


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