[AMRadio] SS nice guy report

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Tue Nov 21 12:16:47 EST 2006

Just for drill, I played hallway monitor and "joined" the contest by 
suggesting (in SSB)that they get out of the AM window.

The first time was what I expected, an arrogant airhead who refused to 
even acknowledge that windows exist. I suggested that it is really quiet 
in the DX window and he should move down there.  He came back every time 
I commented and said I was interfering with a QSO in progress.  I 
offered that it was a rather boring qso and sounded more like a robot 
with a screw loose.

As he persisted in annoying me, I fired up the amp and called CQ (AM)for 
about 5 minutes and then went away feeling really good about myself.  Of 
course, he immediately started his robot again and I turned off the 
radio and found something else to do.

The next night was a totally different adventure.  Every person I 
contacted apologized and moved off.  After about 5 of these I started 
feeling silly and moved on to something more fun.

We should all write to the ARRL and let them know how much fun contests 
really can be.  Maybe they could sponsor one for slosh buckets 
restricted to the AM window only.


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