[AMRadio] Experience with Ocean State Electronics

Don Buska dbuska at wi.rr.com
Tue Nov 21 15:53:30 EST 2006

Hi Guys,

Any one have experience with Ocean State Electronics up in RI?    I was 
impressed with the few items useful for the BA'er.  Back on October 19th 
I placed an order via the web for a bunch of Phonelic Coil forms and 
some resistors.  They charged my credit card on October 27th.  As of yet 
I have received nothing.  Since you pay for Priority Mail and their 
terms indicate your not charged until it ships I'd have expected it 
several weeks ago.

When I try to contact them via phone I either get a message that they 
are closed, like yesterday, or the phone just rings on-and-on and today 
it's been a busy signal for the past four hours.  OK no luck via the 
phone so I tried email.  Using their email address that was sent to 
confirm my order, which is the same on their website, it just bounces 
back as "user unknown".  The emails were sent two weeks apart with the 
same results.

A friend of mine said he's read that they weren't the best for customer 
service.  Well my experience seems to prove that out pretty well.  Order 
it, pay for it, never receive it, is pretty bad service.

Any other experiences other can share?  If this is their standard 
operating procedure I'd like to see it flagged as a place to avoid on 
all the BA reflectors and websites.  Any of our RI area BA'ers have 
contact with them?

Maybe I should just kiss my $27 goodbye......


Don N9OO

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