[AMRadio] band warming / the VE and the V

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue Nov 21 19:22:39 EST 2006

Bob, I haven't heard of any delays, just speculation from 
the ARRL and mention of moving all their digital and CW nets 
below 3.6 MCy.  As it stands, the R&O is the document that 
will be effective as it was published.  They may file for 
change or clarification of the ruling but that is, again, 
speculation.  Given their protective attitude toward 
digital, I would bet they do file.

I am sure they are not happy with the R&O, but that is the 
way it stands at present.


>I thought that the opening of the segment from 3600 to 3750 
>was going to be delayed pending resolution of some 
>outstanding conflicts. See attached from the ARRL on 11/17:
> The ARRL Board is discussing the possibility of a petition 
> to reconsider
> several items in the R&O.
> ARRL Regulatory Information Specialist Dan Henderson, 
> N1ND, commented: "The
> release of the R&O in the Federal Register has started the 
> countdown clock.
> We are all looking forward to being able to use the 
> refarmed frequencies
> starting on December 15. We are still anxiously awaiting 
> the release of the
> Report and Order for 05-235, the Morse Code Proceeding. We 
> are hopeful that
> the Commission will be able to move on that petition and 
> address the
> outstanding issues in the Omnibus R&O soon."
> The ARRL Letter
> Vol. 25, No. 46
> November 17, 2006
> Is there later news on this than the above excerpt 
> indicates?
> Bob  W6TR

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