[AMRadio] Experience with Ocean State Electronics (PICS)

W1EOF w1eof at hamnutz.com
Tue Nov 21 22:59:35 EST 2006

> Any of our RI area BA'ers have contact with them?

I do. I went down and visited them... I think it was about 16 months ago.
It's a very small place. Not really setup for walk-in business. I rang a
doorbell on the side of the building. After a few minutes a guy came to the
door and said "come on in." I told him what I wanted and he went and got it.
Lots of aisles with shelves to the ceiling. It's pretty much most of the
building in the pictures. Stuff stacked up EVERYWHERE. A very busy packing
bench. Piles of boxes ready for the UPS guy.

Looks like a one man band to me. He was polite, but not very friendly. I'm
guessing he didn't want to encouarge me to come down and hang-around the
place. (*) He came back out and had some MPF-102, a few other things but the
cast LMB box was "on back order." I don't think there was a back order
exactly. I think it's just he cannot afford to have everything in the
catalog in stock.

There has been complaints with this operation since I can remember. I've
heard lots of complaints about late shipments, but never someone getting
ripped off. I acna guess he has two problems:
	1. It's a one man operation so he gets behind at times. (small)
	2. He is running things on a shoestring and has cash=flow problems (large)
Been there. The more successful you are, the bigger the cash flow problem.
It's a tough one.

In my opinion charging peoples credit cards and then not shipping is
unacceptable. Not answering emails or the phone makes matters much much
worse. I'll bet it's because he does not have a good answer for you. You
will get your parts when he gets his money and then he can order his parts.

So I'd say be patient. Unless he goes belly-up, you *WILL* get your stuff.

A coule of pictures of the building:



Finally let me say I have no interest in OSE in any way other than being a
customer. I dont' have an axe to grind with him, nor do I want to play the
role of cheerleader. I'm simply stating things the way I see 'em.


Mark W1EOF

(*) When I was a kid my Dad would take me to WH Edwards in Providence. Dad
had worked there back in the... late 30s?. He would tell me stories about
the day the first superhet from Hallicrafters came in. People, and
especially hams were ALWAYS hanging around. I would go in with Dad and climb
up on one of the stools with the rotating cushion on it. There was always
some large glass ashtrays on the counter with one, two or more smoldering
cigs in them. A Hickcock tube tester on a stand so you could check m before
buying new ones. The walls were plastered with cardboards from the tube/tv
manufacturers. Zenith. GE. Sylvania. Plus the obligatory cartoons or dirty
jokes which I only half understood but always made it a point to laugh at so
I wouldn't seem like a snotty nosed kid. Sorry for the long story... but
thinking about the treatment at OSE made me remember the day when a merchant
WANTED people hanging around.

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