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W1EOF w1eof at hamnutz.com
Tue Nov 21 23:09:48 EST 2006

> There's a lot of poor operating going on out there such as 'belching',
> operators getting "half-in-the-bag" where upon every other is F-this and
> F-that, strapping wars, etc.
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)

OK... If we're airing dirty laundry, there is a "third rail" which on one
seems to address: TIMTRON

Tim, WA1HLR along with Chuck WA1EKV, etc were the first ones I know of
acting like that on the AM in 1971. Tim still belches and use bad language.
I like Tim for many of the things he has brought to ham radio, but I've
always been amazed at how many AM'ers seem to overlook... no, accept his
behavior. Worse yet are the weird kind of guys, the "wannabees" who are
imitating his speech on the air. There are certain AM hams who are treated
like gods yet there behavior is anything buy heavenly.

My Dad accomplished something amazing: He convinced a typical snot-nosed
fifteen year-old who thought he knew everything, thought his old man was
"square", that ham radio and the airwaves were SPECIAL. That when you were
on the air, or even at a hamfest, you were representing every ham. You had
an obligation to treat it with respect. He also used to say all the time
"You never know who is listening." So even when the 3885 would come on high
or drunk, use foul talk, and then play Led Zeppelin for 30 mins... I *never*
thought it was cool. Never thought it was behavior I wanted to emulate. I
did all kinds of things that I'm now ashamed of and regret. But I always
acted like a gentleman on the air.

By the way when people would remark that incentive licensing or ________ had
caused 75 meters to go downhill he would laugh and say "There always has
been clowns in radio. I remember back in the 1920s there were guys who acted
like that. It's only a small percentage so you're best off ignoring them and
being one of the good guys". So this is not a new phenomenon.

That's my $.02


Mark W1EOF

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