[AMRadio] band warming / the VE and the V

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Nov 22 08:45:37 EST 2006

> If the Americans were allowed to operate down to 3500kc on 
> phone, they wouldn't
> hestitate to do so.
> There are a lot of CW ops between 3600-3700kc right now as 
> well...I don't hear
> you admonishing the Americans not to operate down there on 
> phone Ed. You'd get
> laughed off the block real quick if you tried. The 
> Americans will displace a lot
> of the CW operations between 3600-3700kc. Lets be fair and 
> clear about that.
> I won't have any problem welcoming the US AM ops..they're 
> not the problem..its
> all the other garbage/SSB qrm games..etc..that will 
> follow.
> This is the feedback I'm getting from most of the Canadian 
> AM operators who are
> active on the 75/80m band.
> Al

Given the behavior of some of the American hams, I agree. 
This morning I wanted to talk briefly to Arne, K0AS in 
Deadwood, SD from Southern Oklahoma.  Exactly zero beat were 
a bunch of 4 land Aflack shouters who were probably no more 
than 100 miles apart.  Some were running amps to communicate 
across that small distance.

When I joined Arne a couple started complaining about the AM 
signals (3.875).  One suggested moving and you do not have 
to use much imitation to understand the response from the 

In this country we have a much larger number of hams 
therefore a larger number that misbehave.  I recall many 
years ago when I wondered why Canadian and hams South of the 
boarder were allowed to operate phone where American hams 
could not, it dawned on me that the other countries allowed 
that operation partially because of our numbers.

I can assure everyone that this poor behavior will follow 
the band limits and if you don't believe me, tune down into 
the current Extra portion where some have set up shop.  They 
almost use a frequency as an intercom going for minutes 
without saying anything.  If you make a transmission, you 
will be told immediately, in an angry tone, that the 
frequency is in use.  I just hope our Canadian and Mexican 
brethren will be understanding with our numbers and 
sometimes indecent behavior.  I look forward to talking to 

73  Jim

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