Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 14:44:24 EST 2006

I suspect some readers may have misinterpreted this thread, so let's clarify 
the issue.

We are not talking about setting up new "AM windows," but agreeing upon 
WHERE TO MEET ON THE 15TH OF DECEMBER for the initial "bandwarming."  I 
believe it would be highly desirable to hit the ground running by 
immediately establishing several AM QSO's, spaced uniformly throughout the 
new Extra Class segment, as well as in the Advanced and General class 
segments, and we should all be aware and agree on approximately where we 
will meet that night.

The idea is to occupy several frequencies throughout the new allocations, 
and for each station to hop between these QSO's, so that the entire AM 
presence on the new frequencies doesn't end up on one frequency in one huge 
roundtable.  Better to keep each group limited in size to 3 or 4 
participants at most, and for each participant to shuffle from one AM group 
to another throughout the early morning and evening of the 15th.  The idea 
is to make an impressive showing the first hours of the expanded phone band 
with AM presence scattered uniformly throughout.  If the AM groups all grow 
in size beyond 3 or 4 participants, then find a clear spot somewhere and 
call CQ.

In the weeks to follow, habitual operating frequencies by all users will 
fall into place naturally.  What we want to avoid is merely setting up one 
or two clones of the existing "AM Window" somewhere lower in the band, or 
worst of all, after a few weeks, all the AM activity drifting back to 



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