[AMRadio] Sunspots are coming, too

Robert Nickels W9RAN at oneradio.net
Sun Nov 26 22:07:49 EST 2006

Just in time for Christmas-vacation tinkering:

Item #1  Johnson "Whiteface" Messenger 1.   NOT a CB rig, dangit!  It's 
a "Ten Meter Rig, Awaiting Conversion", (just happens to have some CB 
crystals inside).  No mike, but has a stub cable with Amphenol connector 
for one.  No power cord and you'll need an RCA adapter for the antenna 
jack.  Good shape and looks complete, but untested.   I can at least 
provide power connector info.  $25.   Sunspots WILL return!

Item #2 - Johnson "Blackface" Messenger II.(or "2", or "Two", whatever) 
 This is the hot deal with Tunable receiver.  Has a Turner mic wired in 
but missing the p/s cable and RCA antenna adapter.  Good shape and looks 
complete, but untested.   $25.  Lord it over the poor saps who have to 
buy receive crystals!

I'd prefer Paypal but can take other forms of legal tender.   Prices do 
not include shipping, which will of course be at actual cost, naturally.

Thanks and 73,

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