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Yes, if anyone can suggest references to published plans for push-pull 813
rigs, I'd like to see those too. I have a recently-acquired partly-completed
rig here with PP 813's in the final, plug-in coils with swinging link and
etc., and I'd like to find out what plans the builder was working from if at
all possible.

Two that I have found so far are the Triple-X 813 rig (813's modulated by
813's) in ER #124 and the PP 813 amp in CQ December, 1986. They are
interesting, but not a perfect fit for my situation.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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I am in the thinking stages of my next rig and would like some ideas.

I am thinking of a pair of 813's or maybe even 4-250's but I can't seem to
find any specific plans or designs on line.

There must be lots of them out there.

I found a thing called the 813 Maul which is 813's modulated by 813's but
that is the only one.

Any help?  Any other ideas?


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