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Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Nov 27 08:13:08 EST 2006

The Bill Orr handbooks are best.

4-250/400 tubes like 2500 to 4000 volts on the plates,
they don't work as well at lower voltages.

All the designs are somewhat standard, you do not need
a final product, all the designs are the same, just the tubes change.

Pie-net or push pull, screens or not, there is not much else.

I look at all the designs I can find and take things I like
from each design, and add my own stuff.
I like FULL metering, grid voltage, grid current, 
screen voltage and current for each final tube, plate current,
plate voltage, filament voltage.
I like resetable overload relays in screen circuits.
I like grid leak bias with a fixed protection bias, with the diode
that allows the grid leak to go as high as it wants.
I like a big pot so I can adjust the grid leak resistance.
I like a choke and big pot to allow the screens of a final to self
I like a variac for bias and screen voltage, so you can set the
voltages anywhere, even use it as a linier amp.

I like moderate voltage tubes, like the 811/812 or 813's,
as under modulation, the voltage can more then double with voice
peaks, and 8000 plus volts on things takes special care.


> I am in the thinking stages of my next rig and would like some ideas.
> I am thinking of a pair of 813's or maybe even 4-250's but I 
> can't seem 
> to find any specific plans or designs on line.
> There must be lots of them out there.
> I found a thing called the 813 Maul which is 813's modulated by 813's 
> but that is the only one.
> Any help?  Any other ideas?
> js
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