[AMRadio] 75 Meters Long Already

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Mon Nov 27 10:15:49 EST 2006

KA5MIR wrote:

> Nothing, as long as it's not your only choice.

> Normally, you can "generally" choose your skip distance by selecting the 
> appropriate band for the time of day.  20 and up for longer distances.  40 
> short during the day and longer at night.  75 and 160 for shorter 
> distances.  ...there are exceptions of course.

> For the last few months, we've lost the choice of short skip on 75 at night.

I understand the first paragraph but maybe I don't know what is meant by 
"short skip".

I have worked nothing but 75 for several decades off and on and it seems 
that it is pretty constant.  During the day I can hear and usually work 
stations withing about 200 miles radius.

At night I can usually hear but not necessarily work the East Coast, 
West Coast and everything in between including what I could during the day.

Having said that, this morning we had a round table with folks on both 
sides of Lake Michigan and one guy on the other side could not be heard 
by those on his side be we on this side could.  Not sure how far apart 
they are but probably 50 miles but I could talk to guys 50 miles from me.

So.... just what is short skip?


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