[AMRadio] New Transmitter

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Nov 27 10:22:15 EST 2006

In my 1964 handbook there is a One-Band Kilowarr Amplifier 
that uses a pair of 813s.  It is grid input and would be 
easy to modulate using 811s or 572Bs.

In the 1956 handbook is a 500 watt transmitter using a 
single 813 which would also be easy to modulate.  It uses 
the swinging link coil in the final.

Just interface a modulator from either handbook and you 
would be good to go.


> I am in the thinking stages of my next rig and would like 
> some ideas.
> I am thinking of a pair of 813's or maybe even 4-250's but 
> I can't seem to find any specific plans or designs on 
> line.
> There must be lots of them out there.
> I found a thing called the 813 Maul which is 813's 
> modulated by 813's but that is the only one.
> Any help?  Any other ideas?
> js

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