[AMRadio] 75 Meters Long Already

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Nov 27 10:31:17 EST 2006

I remember (don't all of us old folks) about 20 years ago 
when the skip on 75 was much like the current one.  Nothing 
between 100 to 600 miles or very weak and stations out 
beyond that were strong as garlic breath.

This is really not that uncommon.  It follows the 11 year 
cycle and the 22 year cycle as does the upper bands.  With 
few sunspots to upset the atmosphere that giant mirror in 
the sky is really working.  What puzzles me more than 75 is 
160.  It is not near as good as I expected.


>> For the last few months, we've lost the choice of short 
>> skip on 75
>> at night.
>> 160 is difficult for a lot of folks, antenna wise.  So... 
>> No more
>> talking
>> to your buddies within a couple hundred miles late in the 
>> evening or
>> night.
>> 73',

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