[AMRadio] More Info Needed: Test Accessory Kit

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 28 21:41:02 EST 2006

OK, here's another one for the esteemed collectors of
ancient glowing devices.

This is a small metal case with latch. It's painted
the post-war Navy gray. But there's no markings on it
or anything inside it--of any kind--no military
markings, no MFR logo--nothing.

Open it up and there's five adapters on the
left--obviously for some piece of test gear--and about
14 precision resistors in troughs designed to hold
them on the right. The resistors are marked with their
values which are all even--5K, 150K, etc. These
resistors are in very small, square bakelite packages
with 2 thin pins coming out the bottom--so that they
almost look like miniature FT-243 crystals.

The five adapters are distinguished by the odd pin
arrangement. Each one has on the bottom one banana
plug and 2 of the thin pins like on the resistors
mentioned above. The 3 pins are spaced in a triangle
about equidistant from one another on the bottom of
the adpater. Each adapter is approximately a 2 inch
bakelite cube. 

The top of each of the five adapters is different. One
has an octal socket. Another has 3 banana jacks. And 3
of them have potentiometers with small knobs. One is
marked 5K, another is marked 500K, etc. 

I have pictures of the whole shebang if anyone wants
to try their hand at recognizing this thing. It's
obviously some sort of precision test set accessory
set--but for what, I have no idea. And the lack of any
words, logos, part numbers, or makings other than
resistance values is most puzzling.


73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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