[AMRadio] Telescoping pole

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Nov 29 10:40:53 EST 2006

> don't know if they have any 50 footers.  Problem I've had 
> with things
> like this is the cost of shipping these days.  You would 
> likely pay as
> much for shipping a 50' Rohn as the mast costs itself.  I 
> don't know
> this for fact, but if you go that route, I'd be very 
> interested to
> know what the shipping costs.
> 73 Brian
> w5ami

True statement about shipping costs if you order   Another 
option is the 4 ft. aluminum or fiberglass poles that stack 
together that are temporary supports for the military. 
Someone has already mentioned it, but it is much easier to 
put up in the air than the telescoping.

I have 44 ft that I put up by myself with the guy rings that 
has stood some very strong winds.  If you use the 
telescoping you have to get up to the top of the first 
section to lift the other 4.  That first section is 10 ft. 
up and lifting the final section is heavy.


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