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Lowes was the one that had these, however they only had a 36'
telescoping mast.  I remembered I had my wife look for them last time
she went to Lowes, and sure enough they were there.  Shorter than I
would really want, however there was no shipping to pay for.  Seems
like they were about $50.  Maybe they could order a 50' one from their
source.  Hmmmm.

On 11/29/06, Rick Brashear <rickbras at airmail.net> wrote:
> Thanks Brian.  I checked with Home Depot and all they had locally was
> the 5' or 10' television antenna masts that you piece together.  They
> would probably work, but don't seem very strong to me.  I found the same
> problem with shipping costs when I was going to order a push up pole.
> They are too long to ship normally and freight shipment is ridiculous
> for such an item alone.  If I find out any more info I'll sure let you know.
> 73,
> Rick/K5IZ
> A.R.S. - W5AMI wrote:
> > Rick,
> >
> > I've heard that Lowes or Home Depot sells push-up masts, however I
> > don't know if they have any 50 footers.  Problem I've had with things
> > like this is the cost of shipping...
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