[AMRadio] Wanted: 6DS4 Nuvistors

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Wed Nov 29 12:36:46 EST 2006

Todd, KA1KAQ wrote:

> You sounded fabulous up here last Friday with the Bartlesville
> transmitter. Wonderful audio, 20+ over S9.

I know this was addressed to someone else but one of the most pleasant 
QSO's I have had recently was with Todd a couple nights ago.

There was absolute silence in the AM window and about the time I was 
ready to give up with my CQ'ing, Todd popped in like the local bcst 
station and we chatted for nearly an hour.

No matter how long we dragged our feet, no one ever called in to join 
us.  It was like a private phone call.

The night before was the Tower of Babble with a list about 3 hours long 
trying to converse on the same freq.

Go figger... as they say.

BTW, I think Todd is my first QSO with an "Internet Ham", at least from 
this group.  I heard W5JKO call me one night but we never made contact 
because I turned the mode switch the wrong way.  Which, BTW, is an 
interesting feature of the Ranger.  Human engineered it's not.

It seems pretty natural to turn a switch to the right to talk but with 
the Ranger you get all the relays clicking and the on air light goes on 
but nothing else happens and I end up talking to myself in the CW mode.

Jack K9ACT

p.s.  Interesting what my spell checker came up with to correct my "go 

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