[AMRadio] 10 & 15 Meter Gathering

Mark K3MSB mark.k3msb at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 19:30:10 EST 2006

Those of us that like 10 and 15 meter AM know that a) the bands aren't
great this time of the cycle and that b) when they are decent nobody's
on AM as they don't think the band's open!

This is evident during contests when there's CW or SSB activity but
you can go hoarse calling CQ on the AM calling freqs!!    Monitoring
those frequencies is OK, but that's not practical for me over anything
but short periods of time.

To facilitate activity on 10 and 15,  what y'all think of establishing
a weekly activity time?   Say 3 PM EDT Saturdays and Sundays on 10 and
15  (29.0 and 21.425) ?

Nothing formal, no net control nonsense etc.  Just a time when folks
would know there's a higher probability of catching a fellow AM'er on
the band?

Comments welcome.

73 Mark K3MSB

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