[AMRadio] FS: Homebrew Tuners, IRE Proceedings, Misc.

Don Merz n3rht at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 23:13:01 EST 2006

For Sale: All Prices Plus Shipping.

Lew McCoy Ultimate Transmatch. This is a faithful copy
of the original QST article. Good for about 100 watts.
Very well made. $25

Homebrew Tuner. Pi-net. This is a very well-made
homebrew tuner probably good for 100-200 watts. Input
and Output caps plus a ceramic switch selecting
various coil taps on a large B&W coil stock coil.
Important connections made with copper strap. Built to
last. Missing the knobs but I can probably come up
with some if you need them. $25

12-15 acorn tubes. These are NOSB 954’s and 955’s,
mostly in RCA original boxes but a couple of them are
in plain JAN boxes. $14/all

Isolation transformer. This has a 2-wire cord and a
2-wire socket mounted on the case. A slide switch
selects 105-115-125V output. Brand name decal on top
is not readable but it is a model IS-50 which suggests
maybe 50 watts to me because that fits with its size.

Condenser Products Co. Hivolt Power Supply Model PS-5.
Input 118VAC 60 cycles. Output 5KVDC @ 2ma. This is a
sealed steel box 7 inches high, 4 wide and 4 deep with
terminals on top for input and standoffs for output.
The original use was likely a neon sign? But maybe
this could be used for Hipot testing? $9

Proceedings of the IRE. These early-year IRE’s are
great reading for anyone into tube electronics. $1.50
each or $20/all. A sample article from each one is
mentioned. But each issue contains 8-12 articles. 

1932: Feb--Coast Guard Marine RDF Equipment
1932: July--Triple Twin Tubes
1934: October--WLW 500KW Broadcast Transmitter
1939: January--Electron-Beam Magnetrons
1939: February--Velocity Modulated Tubes
1939: March--Electronic Motion In Tubes
1939: April--Harbor and Coastal Ship Equipment
1939: May--Sky Wave Transmission
1939: June--Load-Impedance Modulation
1939: July--Single Sideband Filter Theory
1941: November--Voltage-Controlled Electron
1943: June--Cumulative IRE Index 1913-1942
1943: July--Wartime Radio Production
1943: August--Direct-Reading Wattmeters
1943: September--Vacuum Tube Space Currents
1950: June--Effect Of A Bend On A Transmission Line
1950: December--A Digital Electronic Correlator
1958: August--Directional HF Antennas

Original boxes--free for shipping. Both pretty
	Realistic DX-100 receiver.
	Heathkit VHF-1 Seneca or just the cabinet for that

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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