[AMRadio] Telescoping pole

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Thu Nov 30 11:22:18 EST 2006

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Brett gazdzinski wrote:

> The only problem is it looks like hose clamps
> hold it up. The old radio shack 36 foot mast
> (same as lowes?) had bolts through it to hold it up.

    Some years back I purchased one of those (Winegard!) telescoping masts 
from Lowe's, to use at the QTH for my Comet VHF/UHF stick, as well as a 
place for my little weather station senders.

   I dug a 3' hole in the ground beside the house, filled it with that 
quick-setting fence-post concrete, and put a 1-1/2" piece of threaded pipe 
sticking up about 2' above ground.

   Once the Quickcrete set (I did this before lunch; had lunch; it was 
solid by the time lunch was thru) had set I used a standard pipe coupling 
(a 'threaded union') and another stub of pipe, threaded on the union end, 
about 15". Thus the mast is easily de-mountable with just a pipe-wrench...

   I slit the butt-end of the Mast, and slipped it down over the pipe stub, 
then used a couple of stainless steel hose clamps to anchor it to the 
pipe. [later I found I had to drill a 3/16 hole thru the whole thing and 
thread a bolt through it, to keep the wind from twisting it].

   I also used stainless pipe clamps at each of the sections, rather than 
the bolt/set-screw arrangement.

   Finally I clamped the mast to the eaves of the house using regular 
electrical conduit 1/2-round clamps - a pair of them, fixed to the eave 
plates with 3" drywall screws.

   This rig has been up in the air four years now, and has been in 
sustained winds of 70-80 MPH, and gusts of near 100 at times, temps from 
-10 to +110, rain snow, ice, ect.

   Not bad for well under $100, and only a couple of hours invested.



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