[AMRadio] Telescoping pole

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Nov 30 11:58:58 EST 2006

You are correct about hose clamps holding this thing.  In 
the wind the pole will vibrate and the clamps will loosen. 
The more wind, the more shaking.  I would look for a better 
way to clamp them.


> The only problem is it looks like hose clamps
> hold it up. The old radio shack 36 foot mast
> (same as lowes?) had bolts through it to hold it up.
> Brett

>> Wow!  I just looked at the pole, Ed and that's a pretty 
>> good
>> deal.  It
>> collapses small enough to probably ship UPS or FedEx.  I
>> priced a Rohn
>> 50' pole and it's $99.00 and real heavy, so this looks 
>> good.
>> I have a
>> set of poles coming, but this is still very tempting.
>> Thanks again!
>> Rick/K5IZ

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