[AMRadio] Transmitter fitting

Vince Werber ka1iic at prexar.com
Thu Nov 30 23:43:19 EST 2006

Forgive me if I made things worse but seriously here is what I might try...

First off the mod deck and power supply decks will have the most weight...  I 
would pull them out (it is rack mounted I hope...) first and move them as 
separate units...  that will reduce the weight problem quite a bit...

As for the rack enclosure...  I don't remember how wide you said it was but 
use some very strong ply wood to form a bridge from ground level or truck 
level to your house opening...  before putting the enclosure on its side have 
ready some strips of old carpeting lay it down on the plywood with the fuzzy 
side down and the rubber backing up so it will go against the enclosure...  
this will help with pushing the thing around... less friction...

When you get the enclosure into your house remember that this enclosure must 
have rear doors as well as front doors so don't plan on pushing it up against 
a wall... you will need the space of the width of the rear doors plus a 
little extra so you can get into the back of it to work on it if needed...  
and if you push it flush against the wall you will need to get into those 
doors... been there done that...

Make absolutely sure your floor stringers can handle the extra weight...  if 
not you will need to build up some extra support before the rig 'settles in' 
so to speak...

I'm sure I have forgot something but if you have questions you may do it on 
list or direct...  I have moved a few 'really big rigs' in years past...


On Friday 01 December 2006 22:40, John Lawson wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Dec 2006, KB2WIG at twcny.rr.com wrote:
> > duh .......    consider using a window.  Sometimes the window opening
> > is wider than  the door opening.  klc

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