[AMRadio] AM on 3970?

Darrell, WA5VGO hbrnut at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 1 11:58:09 EDT 2006

No doubt you are hearing myself and Ronnie, K5WLT. We meet most Sundays on 
3970 to avoid all of the congestion in the AM window. We both run 807 rigs 
with about 35 watts of carrier.

Darrell, WA5VGO

At 09:29 AM 10/1/2006 -0500, you wrote:
>It's about 9:20 AM central time on Sunday morning as I write this. I'm
>normally not around the rig at this time.
>However, twice on Sundays when I have been here, I have found an AM qso on
>The signals are too weak into my Mississippi qth for me to pick out specific
>calls in order to determine where this activity is coming from.
>If you are part of that group, please know that you are at least being
>detected by someone whose ears perk up whenever an AM signal is located.
>Mike Duke, K5XU
>American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs
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