[AMRadio] 183D vs 303 ?

James M. Walker chejmw at acsu.buffalo.edu
Tue Oct 3 09:07:59 EDT 2006

Hi Mark,
Godd on ya, mate, and yes I have one of each NC-183D,
and the NC-303, I found them both to be comparable in
sensitivity and ease of operation. I am not particularly trying
to sell either, The 183D is paired up with my RCA BTA-1M
and the NC-303 is paired up with the 6N2 converter, and the
6N2 transmitter driving separate 6 meter amp, pair of 4-125,
and a 2 meter amp pair of 4CX250B. I modulate the 6N2
transmitter with all the components from a DX-100.

On 160 meters I like the selectivity of the NC-183D, gets
rid of the QRM from encroaching SSB there. As for the 6N2
stuff the converter works, but I find the Ameco converters
work better. the usual caveaut applies.

How you doing up there?

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Subject: [AMRadio] 183D vs 303 ?

> Anyone have experience with a National NC-183D?
> Anyone have a NC-303 for sale? I need a radio that had the National X-band
> that is compatible with my Johnson 6N2 converter. I was supposed to pick 
> one
> up at Hosstraders but I found out tonight the guy "thought I wanted the
> 183D" which is B-S. Funny thing this is the SECOND time someone has 
> promised
> to sell me one and then backed out of the deal. I suspect they both found 
> a
> higher price for it elsewhere.
> Anyway, what's up with the NC-183D, and how would it compare to the 
> NC-303?
> 73,
> Mark W1EOF
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