[AMRadio] First Wednesday -- how was it ?

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Thu Oct 5 12:22:57 EDT 2006


It was horribly noisy here, however those west and south of me did not
hear the noise as I did, but rather had problems with another
unrelated QSO on 3880.  I tried to pick up some check-ins here that
W0NKL could not hear.  I managed to get WD5JKO/Jim and K5PML, but
after JKO turned it back to me and I turned it to Bill/K5PML, either
he couldn't hear me or the band was going long.

All in all, W0NKL got quite a few check-ins considering the noise level there.

I am going to propose to Jim that we work state by state within this
time zone, then take check-ins from outside the time zone, or maybe do
that first.  I know a lot were missed due to the number of people
trying to check in at once.

Still enjoyed hearing all the great AM signals that I normally don't.
Wish more of the folks that check into this net would get their AM
gear on the air for regular rag chewing...

73 Brian

On 10/5/06, Todd, KA1KAQ <ka1kaq at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Paul -
> Noisy as all hell up this way, continuous static crashes and slop
> bucket jamming (or attempts to). I was hearing Bob so-so here along
> with a few other stations, then my realtor stopped by and I had to
> close the station for a few hours.
> Not sure about your last time filling in, but I saw nothing posted for
> the time I filled in for Bob so I submitted it myself. Only a handful
> of stations then due to noise. My biggest question, though: on a good
> night, why do you hear all these guys check into a 'net', but then
> never hear 95% of them on AM afterwards? Do they really need to be led
> to this mode by some official sounding invitation, and is a net the
> only interest they have of participation? It's pretty sad really,
> particularly since most nets seem to be nothing more than an excuse to
> reserve a frequency for ragchewing. I like my Collins gear, it's good
> stuff. I just don't see it as the only reason to get on AM.
> > Can someone tell me if Bruce, W1UJR made a grand
> > arrival with his 30K that he fired up for the first
> > time this week ?
> Bruce and I were on the air working with his 30K after 11 last night,
> down low because he as having trouble getting it to load properly
> around 3885. Low grid drive I believe, related to the 310A exciter.
> However, he did modulate it a bit and it sounded nice - crisp and
> clean, very nice with a plain jane D-104. Once he gets it properly
> sorted and aligned, it's going to be one of the nicer signals on the
> band. Other than one reversible mod for antenna switching (actually
> handy), it's as it left the factory.
> I had hoped to get up there last weekend to help him out with it, but
> things are just too hectic here right now. Hopefully by the end of the
> month I'll make the trip back up, maybe hauling my HRO/SPG along if
> Barry Williams ever gets the rack sent to me (been waiting since
> July).
> 'PJP is arriving later today and staying over at my place, then we're
> hitting the 'fester tomorrow (will pass your tubes to 'JN & HUZman).
> We'll be on 75 later tonight for the 'Pre Fester Review and Roll
> Call'. Jump in and join us.
> Maybe we should have a net....
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ
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