[AMRadio] Phone band expansion

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Oct 12 16:10:40 EDT 2006

Could the reason for the DX window from 3.780-3.8 be because some ITU 
regions are not be licensed to operate above 3.8?  I remember when even the 
US stations couldn't go below 3.8.  So given, couldn't the DX window be 
moved to the low end of the band?

Not that I suggest upsetting some SSBer's apple cart, but now that U.S. hams 
can go all the way to 3.6, that gives a lot of space for DX operation.  In 
fact, we might see a lot of cross region operation, and with the growing 
popularity of AM on the European continent, we might actually hear some AM 
DX on the band this winter.

73  Jim

> Hi Jim,
> Although you don't specifically mention it --- like someone else did
> previously --- I think it would be MOST foolhardy for any AM'er to plop
> himself down & start with the ol' buzzardry stuff in the vicinity of 
> 3.780-
> & 3.8-MHz...yeah, the traditional DX window...
> It's not always for the benefit of domestic SSB'ers that such windows
> exist --- in many cases, DX stations have but a sliver of spectrum space 
> on
> some bands that's available/useable: North American DX-types have tried to
> accommodate them through these windows. The DX stations benefit from these
> arrangements just as much as the W/K/VE crowd does.
> I think the last thing anyone would want to incur is the wrath of the 
> entire
> global DX community coming down upon them, merely because it's their
> "...legal right" to do something!
> ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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